Kala Ramesh


                                                               is an oasis
                                                               you say...
                                                               or does our thirst
                                                               play tricks on us?


                                                               surfing through
                                                               channels of thought
                                                               I tune into
                                                               the lingering memory
                                                               of mother's favourite saris


                                                               she lights
                                                               the bronze lamp
                                                               each morning
                                                               a new day for mother to love
                                                               her Goddess, all over again


                                                               a hundred lies
                                                               just to cover
                                                               the first
                                                               his conscience
                                                               allowed him to say


                                                               my family wept
                                                               over our dog's death
                                                               I weep
                                                               for those days I grudged him
                                                               his early morning walk


                                                               draped in fragrance
                                                               the jasmine withers . . .
                                                               my breath
                                                               through the flute, cherishes
                                                               each note as it fades


                                                               autumn fields
                                                               a fork in the road
                                                               our shadows   
                                                               even farther


                                                               worn out sandals
                                                               the cobbler finds them
                                                               difficult to mend
                                                               and I find them hard
                                                               to discard


                                                               rain in the city
                                                               through the long night
                                                               my life hangs
                                                               on your laboured breath


                                                               over old stories...
                                                               I feel that mother
                                                               is young again


                                                               for eons, waves
                                                               have danced the pebbles
                                                               to perfection . . . still
                                                               itís the sand between my fingers
                                                               that leaves me spellbound


                                                               it is possible
                                                               I tell myself
                                                               to feel
                                                               the depth of the sky
                                                               from within me...



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