Tom Clausen

                                                        as I sit in thought
                                                        she moves briskly
                                                        around the room,
                                                        stirring the chill
                                                        in the air
                                                        this complete enigma
                                                        of me wanting more solitude
                                                        then company in turn
                                                        on my terms
                                                        at just the right time
                                                         wondering if this is what
                                                         my parents felt,
                                                         in their own time
                                                         seeing a better past slip
                                                         ever further behind
                                                         all these years
                                                         in one house, one job
                                                         one town and in me―
                                                         too many changes to fathom
                                                         as I sweep away autumn leaves
                                                         those two birds flying
                                                         so close together
                                                         swiftly across the twilight sky―
                                                         a certain happy sad witness
                                                         I provide for them . . .
                                                         that point
                                                         in the evening
                                                         when both cats are in place
                                                         quietly bathing
                                                         while I read . . .

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